Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years!

We are nearing the New Years. Joy!

And we are nearing the revitalization of the Quantum Spin Plates blog, because frankly, it is downright shameful how terrible I've been about writing this blog.


We're back!


What the bloody hell do I talk about?

Lets start with what you've all missed!

1) I pronounced my entire second novel - Shattered Sky - to be guilty of the capital crime of being terribly written and awful. So, I shot the book in the head, rolled it into a ditch and started re-writing from scratch. This is going very well and I'm quite happy with it.

2) My Sunday Rogue Trader game is going astoundingly well and I am very happy that I've made so many awesome friends there.

3) My mother has been watching Glee, which makes me want to listen to songs covered by Glee. It's a sickness, I tell you.

4) I have recently finished the first three novels of the Gaunt's Ghosts Series. If you like military sci-fi, they're worth checking out, but if you ask me, they don't really start getting good until Necropolis...though Necropolis is easily the grimmest of the lot, so be ready for lots of grit, grime and grinding of teeth.

That's the short and sweet of it.

Now, next year, I will resume the blog with some rambling discussions about something or other. I hope that, by creating a continuing stream of random, meaningless posts about whatever crosts my mind, people will be mildly entertained.