Friday, July 5, 2013

Firesticks and Ffffffffffffffffff-

I love Exalted.

And what is not to love? Exalted is a roleplaying game wherein you play reincarnated heroes of an ancient era, fighting to bring back a golden age to a fallen world. It is a game of stark, black and white goods and bads. There actually is some moral grey area here and there, and sometimes, heroes become villains and villains become heroes, but at the end of the day, it is an EPIC in all caps and like fifteen or sixteen exclamation points.

It is a game of swords and ray guns, where you can parry 10,000 mile wide laser beam with a sword, or punch someone so hard that they turn into a sheep.

It is also a game where, for no reason I can determine, almost everyone in the South - one of the four main settings of the game - uses freaking FLAMETHROWERS. You know, the most agonizing, cruel weapon I can possibly imagine is all over the goddamn place. And it's not even used by just the bad guys. There's no evil empire of flame-throwing psychopaths, it's just kind of the style of the time.

And this bothers me. Maybe it is because of a few scenes in a few novels I've read involving people burned by flame-throwers, maybe it is because I have read up on how difficult it is to heal from burns...

But this really bothers me. A sword cut can maim, an arrow can cause horrible agony, and gunshots are not exactly pleasant, but any experienced roleplayer can usually handle them if the GM describes them in the right way.

Nothing can make being burned alive anything but the most torturous, horrific way to go...

And this bugs me enough to make an uninteresting blogpost about it!

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