Tuesday, April 17, 2012


So, as an author whose book is going to be published, I've got a major question facing me.

What do I do with the people who release or create fan-art for my novels and works! Well, I am a huge proponent of free expression. I think that remixes, mashups, slash-fics, fan-fics, fan-arts, drawings, scribbles, and so on. I've seen some of the astounding things that fans have created: Fans of Babylon 5 built a whole video game, just as one example!

And so I am making a stand. Right here. Right now.

If you are a fan of my work: Write! Mashup! Create art of all kinds. Even the naughty kind. And if you want your fan-creations to be exhibited here, E-mail me! Include the title of the piece, what you want to be identified as, and I'll provide it. The only thing I'll have to refrain from reposting is the aforementioned "naughty things", as my grandparents read this blog.

And so, our first piece of fan-art!

This was by Rebecca Rozakis, a friend of my editor Kate Sullivan. Rebecca would like to say that she wishes she drew it on better paper.

I think it's fantastic!


  1. The pun police are coming, Don! Run! Flee!

  2. YAY, FANWOOOOORKS! I approve heartily. :D

    1. Incidentally, that's me, Eleasha. It won't let me sign in. :(