Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Moms' Cabin

This was written for my Tuesday/Thursday Advanced Poetry Workshop! Enjoy!


Moms’ Cabin
By David Colby

                Floating above the mantelpiece

                There is a photograph

Six young men and women

Wearing red berets

Left to Right

Carloz Alvarez:  KIA, a mine blew chunks into his belly under Shi-Armstrong and he died clutching

Lee Sanders: KIA, Loonie sniper shot him over the horizon. He was checking his air.

Trace Yue: KIA, her suit ruptured, shrapnel. Never figured which side threw it.

Gordon Nara: KIA, bayonet…really? In this day and age?

Penelope N’paya: MIA, went to recon, right when the Loonies dropped the nuke outside of New Mubai.                    
            (only found her shadow, not a confirmation)
They’re all smiling, standing beside the shuttle that took them there.

To the left of Gordon

Underneath Carloz

Drusilla Xao: Star of Valor for gallantry under fire, three Purple Hearts, CAASMC Long Service Medal, Distinguished S3TA Service Medallion, Lunar Campaign Medallion, Civil Service Award.

She’s smiling in the photograph. Under her is signed:

永遠忠誠 Semper Fidelis Always Faithful–Unit 201, 12/31/2069

Mom notices me looking

reaches out with a hand marked by three purple hearts

Switches off the ‘graph

And goes back to her tea

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